API docs

POSTNoneRegisters information about the page navigated to
GETAdmin onlyLoads all raw analytic points
GETAdmin onlyLoads a summary of unique analytic points
GETNoneLoads the currently authenticated used. Returns null if signed out
POSTNoneLogs out the currently authenticated user
POSTAny userResends an email verification email
POSTNoneVerify an email address with a secret verification key
GETAdmin onlyLoads emails that have been sent
POSTAdmin onlyResends an email that's stored in the database
POSTNoneLogin using a secret magic-link key
POSTNoneRequest a magic link for a given account using the account's email address
GETAdmin onlyReturns a file containing a full data backup for the site
POSTAdmin onlyRemove a previously deleted entity completely from the DB
POSTAdmin onlyRemove an entire collection from the DB
POSTAdmin onlyRestore all the data from a backup file
POSTAdmin onlyCreates a notification which will be show at the top of the site
POSTAdmin onlyDeletes a notification
GETAny user - only an admin can see deleted notificationsLoad all notifications
POSTAdmin onlyUpdate a given notification
POSTNone - only an admin can create other admin usersCreate a user
POSTThe user being deleted, or an admin onlyDelete a user
GETThe user being loaded, or an admin onlyLoad a given user
GETAdmin onlyLoad all users
POSTNoneCreate a user, and sign in as that user at the same time
POSTAny user - only an admin can promote other users to adminUpdate a given user
POSTAdmin onlyCreate a new blog
POSTAdmin onlyRemove a blog
GETNoneLoad all blogs. If not admin, only non-deleted, published blogs will be loaded
GETid: the blog ID to loadNoneLoad a single blog. If not admin, will fail if deleted or not published
POSTAdmin onlyUpdate a blog
POSTAdmin onlyList a new book
POSTAdmin onlyRemove a book
GETNoneLoad all books. If not admin, only non-deleted books will be loaded.
POSTAdmin onlyUpdate a book
POSTAdmin onlyTODO
POSTAdmin onlyTODO
POSTAdmin onlyTODO
GETNoneLoad images from Flickr showcase album