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API docs

/analytics/createPOSTNoneRegisters information about the page navigated to
/analytics/load-allGETAdmin onlyLoads all raw analytic points
/analytics/loadGETAdmin onlyLoads a summary of unique analytic points
/auth/loadGETNoneLoads the currently authenticated used. Returns null if signed out
/auth/logoutPOSTNoneLogs out the currently authenticated user
/auth/request-verification-emailPOSTAny userResends an email verification email
/auth/verify-emailPOSTNoneVerify an email address with a secret verification key
/emails/loadGETAdmin onlyLoads emails that have been sent
/emails/resendPOSTAdmin onlyResends an email that's stored in the database
/magic-links/loginPOSTNoneLogin using a secret magic-link key
/magic-links/requestPOSTNoneRequest a magic link for a given account using the account's email address
/data-management/backupGETAdmin onlyReturns a file containing a full data backup for the site
/data-management/delete-entityPOSTAdmin onlyRemove a previously deleted entity completely from the DB
/data-management/delete-setPOSTAdmin onlyRemove an entire collection from the DB
/data-management/restorePOSTAdmin onlyRestore all the data from a backup file
/notifications/createPOSTAdmin onlyCreates a notification which will be show at the top of the site
/notifications/deletePOSTAdmin onlyDeletes a notification
/notifications/load-allGETAny user - only an admin can see deleted notificationsLoad all notifications
/notifications/updatePOSTAdmin onlyUpdate a given notification
/users/createPOSTNone - only an admin can create other admin usersCreate a user
/users/deletePOSTThe user being deleted, or an admin onlyDelete a user
/users/loadGETThe user being loaded, or an admin onlyLoad a given user
/users/load-allGETAdmin onlyLoad all users
/users/sign-upPOSTNoneCreate a user, and sign in as that user at the same time
/users/updatePOSTAny user - only an admin can promote other users to adminUpdate a given user
/blogs/createPOSTAdmin onlyCreate a new blog
/blogs/deletePOSTAdmin onlyRemove a blog
/blogs/load-allGETNoneLoad all blogs. If not admin, only non-deleted, published blogs will be loaded
/blogs/load/:idGETid: the blog ID to loadNoneLoad a single blog. If not admin, will fail if deleted or not published
/blogs/updatePOSTAdmin onlyUpdate a blog
/make-payment/resend-receiptPOSTAdmin onlyTODO
/support/createPOSTAdmin onlyTODO
/support/deletePOSTAdmin onlyTODO