My Work


Software Engineering Masters

I have a 1st class Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton.



I started my Software Engineering career at Leonardo
where I worked for 60 weeks, mostly on a .NET frameworks for analysis tools. The frameworks enabled other development teams within the company to build powerful applications for their products.

I then moved on to become a Software Engineering intern at Skyscanner. I continued working there throughtout the final year of my Masters in Southampton, and now work there full-time on their open-source design system, Backpack


This website demonstrates some of my web-development capabilities. Below I have included examples and extracts from my work on other products.


Party parrot

As a developer and advocate for open source, having a contribution to the official party parrot repo
was a proud moment.

Backpack Design System

is Skyscanner's design system which supports 4 platforms (Android, iOS, React Native and Web). Our work which combines Design and Engineering in equal measures enables fast development and reduces effort duplication.

To help debug complex stateless components, I built a demo component which can automatically identify the types of props accepted by a component, and provide elements for editing the component in real-time.


Industrial Placement - EWOS, Leonardo

In 2015, I joined the EWOS (Electronic Warfare Operational Support) team at Leonardo
to experience the way in which the software teams work to deliver efficient and effective solutions. Our team was responsible for maintaining large .NET frameworks which supported feature-rich mission analysis tools. Close collaboration with the hardware team and customers was essential and demanded a strong, agile approach to development. Thorough planning, in which we were all involved, was key to our success. Throughout the year I immensely improved my ability to understand existing code and to produce readable, manageable code myself.

I was heavily involved in STEM activities whilst working for the company.

Password Character Extractor

I found the login process for a number of sites (particularly UK bank websites) frustrating as they often require specific characters from a password or memorable word. This is something that LastPass cannot handle for me, so I created an offline tool to help.


React.js Academic References Component

I was looking for a decent React Academic References Component NPM
package and struggled to find one. I decided this is something bloggers could really do with, so I got on with implementing an open-source one.

I started simple (Minimum Awesome Product) and hope that I / the OS community can expand on this to support more referencing formats.


Greasemonkey - GuruShots

is a brilliant browser extension that allows you to add javascript to specific webpages when they are loaded. GuruShots
is an online platform for photographers to enter their work into competitions. At a random point in each competition, each user is given a free boost. It is easy to miss, however, so I wrote a script to regularly check for free boosts and make them stand out on the page.


Greasemonkey - ECS

The ECS site we use at Southampton is a brilliant tool that was created ugly, so I wrote a GreaseMonkey script to… well… improve it.