Harlequins vs Worcester Rugby Match

The cat looking handsome as ever!

A training scenario at EPICC 2017

This image contains graphic content

Dog running with a Stick

Stunt Motorcyclist

Longleat Festival of Light

Serre Chevalier

Nick Matthew playing in the Canary Wharf Open


Tulips exploding with light

For some reason the idea of light exploding out of tulips popped into my mind, so I went out to find some and made it a reality. I used a similar effect in Art that I had used in the past to create beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds, and then darkened the background a little.

Miss Saigon sketch

With Miss Saigon coming to cinemas soon for one day only, I was inspired to draw the production logo (aka tempted to procrastinate).

Dual-carriageway light-painting (in post)

One evening after leaving work at an unearthly hour, I shot this uninspired photo. In Photoshop, I then used the brush tool and some layer styles to create a 'painting with light' effect.

Food is art! (...sometimes)

Guinness cake

I like spending time on food presentation when the opportunity calls for it. So I created this masterpiece to share with the office and celebrate a legendary drink!


To get us in the mood for Disneyland, I cooked up this Ratatouille in the style of the dish served in the film. It came out better than I expected... Pretty pleased with the result!


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