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My Lightroom workflow

§My Lightroom workflow provides me with 4 opportunities to discard any given photo:
  • Import photos
  • Apply ‘auto settings’ to all of them
  • And then…
  1. For each photo, I give a rating (0 to 5) based on technical features (focus, grain etc). To do this I often zoom in on key features to see how sharp they are.
  2. Filter out all photos with a rating of 0.
  3. For each remaining photo, I adjust cropping/settings, and, if the composition is poor, reduce the rating. I rarely increase a photo’s rating the second time round, but may quite well drop it back down to 0 (ie get rid) for poor composition.
  4. For each remaining photo, if I think it’s worthy of exporting/uploading I set a ‘green’ flag
  5. For each photo with a green flag, I finely (re)-tune cropping, rotation, shadows, colour etc. Sometimes if I just don’t like the changes I am making I remove the green-flag again (ie get rid).
  6. Save the metadata of the edited files (so that changes are not lost forever) and export JPEGs for uploading/sharing.
Most of my photos are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.
If you are unsure about your right to use them please contact me.