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Flight rules

My drone weights < 250g and falls into the Open A1 category. I have completed training that allows me me to fly drones in Open A1 and Open A3 categories.

Proof of completion of online training


GBR-RP-B88RNYQSNJ62 — expires 8 March 2028

Norway and EASA member states

NOR-RP-4zb7de1751cj — expires 8 March 2028

Operator ID


GBR-OP-267ZQHMWPYGR — expires 8 March 2025

Norway and EASA member states

NOR5p8cfumh4phal — expires 28 March 2025

Public Liability Insurance

Insured Worldwide by Starr International (Europe) Limited (SIEL) to own and operate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) — expires 8 March 2025.