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Side projects

Backpack transpiled

At Skyscanner, we publish Backpack web libraries untranspiled, as several different packages.

backpack-transpiled is a single package, containing all the web components available in Backpack. Thanks to modern code-splitting and tree-shaking techniques, it's possible to import a single component from this package without negatively affecting bundle size.

Because backpack-transpiled is completely transpiled, there's no need to use backpack-react-scripts, or modify webpack config. It will work out of the box with a fresh create react app.
backpack-transpiled →

VPN Video Checker

While we're in lockdown, many of us are relying on video calls and VPNs to do our work. But video calls can place a lot of strain on VPNs and streaming via a VPN often results in a flaky video call experience.
To remind members of my team to disconnect from the VPN when joining a video call, I created a small utility that checks and notifies you whenever you're simultaneously on a call whilst connected to a VPN. It's available to download for free from the macOS App Store.
VPN Zoom warning notificationVPN Zoom warning notification

Screen Reader Adventures

Using VoiceOver on macOS is not trivial. The keyboard commands are not intuitive, so I created an online game that gradually introduces new commands and VO concepts.
Screen Reader Adventures levelScreen Reader Adventures level
Screen Reader Adventures →

Browser scripts

I automate pretty much everything I can, often in the form of browser-scripts. I have built several small utilities that help me on a day to day basis, and they can be run in any browser via an extension such as Tamper Monkey.
Browser scripts →

Party Parrot

As a developer and advocate for open source, having a contribution to the official Party Parrot repo is a proud achievement.
Open-source party parrotOpen-source party parrot